G-Lock EasyMail v6 is discontinued.

You can download the new, completely re-designed G-Lock EasyMail7 here

If you’re growing a business, you can’t afford to bypass email marketing. For targeted email campaigns you will need a high quality bulk mailing software. Our In-house Bulk Mail Sender – G-Lock Easymail – will help you create and send your newsletters in seconds. It has more features than any other email marketing software. EasyMail should be used as a part of marketing activities because it offers an amazing return on investment allowing a company to overcome its competitors.





Support of Secure SMTP Protocols (SSL/TLS)
Fast sending engine [maximum SMTP connections]500503
Integration with CRM databases
Maximum number of mailing listsunlimitedunlimited1
Maximum recipients in the mailing listunlimitedunlimited500
Pro-balance option (capability to send emails from multiple accounts at a time).
Email campaign scheduler
Email campaign reports
Email Throttling
Bounced email processing
Support Microsoft Visual Basic, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP
Integration with Amazon SES
Custom fields in the Address Book
Support of multiple workplaces inside the program
Built-in lists database
Import and export of the contact information
SMTP free delivery
Capability to work with your existing ISP mail settings
Delivery resuming
Expiration datenever expiresnever expires

Your Investment


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