Best Direct Email Marketing Tool — G-Lock EasyMail

Many marketers understand the role and power of using the direct email marketing tool to increase the traffic to their website and promote business more effectively. Many marketers are already using direct email marketing tools with success and you should start too if you are not using it yet.

You can choose a direct email marketing tool available as a desktop software or an online based service. But before you decide on a direct email marketing tool and start using it in your business, you need to understand the features these tools should provide and how they work.

A good direct email marketing program should allow you create and send professionally looking email campaigns addressing each recipient personally. Regarding this aspect, you should be able to create groups, import and export subscribers, easily customize each message, save email templates for re-use later and preview each email before sending. It is very convenient when you can schedule your campaigns and have them run on autopilot. You just have to write your newsletter once, set the dates to have it sent and press the send button.

Best direct email software should be cost-effective providing marketers the opportunity to have a powerful email system in their business. Yet, the Internet is filled with all kinds of email marketing tools and choosing a reliable one can be quite difficult.

If you are tired of wasting time and effort by searching the Internet and trying direct email marketing tools, then take a look at our direct email marketing software and you will convince yourself of its potential. G-Lock EasyMail welcomes you with a user-friendly interface that enables a quick configuration even for the users who are not computer savvy.

Unlike other direct email programs, G-Lock EasyMail is equipped with features that facilitate the entire process of sending email newsletters to unlimited number of subscribers. The great thing is that it is designed to handle both plain text and HTML email formats, attachments including personal attachments, email templates and multiple connections. It is the first email marketing tool that is integrated with Amazon SES providing you with the ability to send unlimited emails if your SMTP server has email sending restrictions. G-Lock EasyMail is supplied with a rich email template collection that you can use to design your email marketing campaigns without any hassles.

The Internet has become an essential part of any business activity and it’s imperative that you get a good email marketing tool to build relationship with your customers. With G-Lock EasyMail direct email marketing software you don’t have to pay much to run beneficial email campaigns and get your work done. It will save you an impressive amount of money because you pay only once for the lifetime license compared to other email service providers where you pay monthly depending on the number of subscribers on your list.

Spam Testing for Marketers

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Improve your overall email performance by ensuring more emails are getting through to your subscribers.