How to Send Newsletter Using Email: G-Lock EasyMail

As an online marketer you should understand how important email marketing is for promoting your business on a regular basis. These days most organizations try sending email newsletters, but not all of them know the basics of sending newsletters via email. Below are a couple of tips which can be very helpful for you if you are involved in email marketing.

First of all, you need to get a beautiful newsletter branded with your logo. This always instills more trust and confidence and your readers will treat you as a serious email marketer. If you don’t have enough skills to develop a nice email newsletter yourself, search for free email templates on the Internet. There many collections of free and paid email templates. Download the template you like and customize it by adding your logo, contact information and content. For your convenience, you can save the newsletter as a template in your newsletter system to be able to use it at a later time. You will just change the content and a new newsletter is ready for sending.

The second if not the biggest challenge about email newsletters is that marketers do not know what to write about in their newsletters. Finding an interesting topic seems to be a hard task. However, it’s not as difficult as it seems to be. There are lots of things you can write about: tell about your own experience in your field, do case-studies and tell your readers what amazing results you got, give tips and trends your recipients can try, run surveys and ask what they want to learn about and how you can help them. Most successful marketers mainly base their topics on the readers’ response and queries.

Now comes the more practical aspect related to when and how to send a newsletter. The frequency depends your email marketing needs. Sending once a week is considered to be the optimal frequency. But the general rule here is to send whenever you have something valuable, hot and informative to tell to your readers. If you allow the subscribers to choose the frequency during the signup process, you should always respect their preferences.

The best way of sending your email newsletters is by means of email sender software. Why desktop software? Because it allows you keep your contact lists and email newsletters safe and secure on your own computer. You get an entire in-house newsletter system. Choose newsletter software that will allow you easily manage your contacts, import and export email newsletters and process bounced messages. It’s good if the newsletter system has email tracking capabilities so that you can estimate the success iof your email campaign.

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