How to Build Relationship with Your Customers through Email Marketing

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It is very important that you keep constant contact with your customer base. One way of doing this is through email marketing. With the power of email marketing, you can inform your customers of all the great promotions that are going on with your business. Continue on to the article below for some helpful advice on how to build relationship with your costumers through email marketing.

How to Create a Winning Email Marketing Newsletter

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In order to get the most out of your email marketing campaigns, you need to know how to construct the message you are sending. If there are issues with the email content, people will not want to read it, and then it becomes a waste of time and money. Continue on to the article below for some helpful tips on how to create a winning email marketing message.

These Tips Can Help You Develop an Email Marketing Plan

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Email marketing has opened up a whole new means of communication for businesses to reach their customers. Now businesses can potentially reach millions of people all over the world at a fraction of the cost of reaching them through the postal service. This article can help you learn more about email marketing and how you can use it for your business.

You may find that it is a good idea to devote a small portion of every marketing email you send out to briefly reviewing what your subscribers can expect from you. By demonstrating that you have a plan for your emails and you are sticking to it, you can encourage your readers’ trust and make them less likely to grow tired of your messages.

Mass Email Software for Businesses and Enterpreneurs

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Mass email software G-Lock EasyMail

In these times many big and small companies are using mass emails as a successful marketing strategy. Firstly, it’s because the total cost involved into creating and sending email newsletters is less than using other promotional channels. Secondly, businesses give preference to bulk email because they can send out email campaigns as frequently as they want. They also have the full control over the email sending process. For example, they can segment the full list into smaller lists by some criteria and send more relevant email newsletters to each segment. This way they ensure that each recipient gets the information he is interested in and is not showered with unwanted emails.

How to Personalize Email Messages Using Merge Tags

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How to Personalize Email Messages

With merge tags you can dynamically add content to your email message and customize it for each recipient. The simplest example of email customization is when you merge the recipient’s first name into the salutation to make them feel you address them personally. Some marketers used to merge the name into the Subject line to immediately notify the subscriber that the email is coming from someone they know. Using merge tags you can add the current date to the message, include a personal link for each recipient, attach a unique file to the message for each subscriber and even create en entire email newsletter. The possibilities are countless.

Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

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top 10 email marketing mistakesWhen you make your first steps in email marketing, you are probably very enthusiastic about sending a lot of emails to many people. But being in this euphoric mood, you can do things that can get you in trouble with ISPs. Even a minor negligence can “favour” your email being filtered as spam or junk mail. You don’t definitely want to end up in junk folders and blacklists, do you? So, before you start sending your email campaigns, check out this list of common mistakes that email marketing newbies often make:

How to Find the Best Email Sending Time

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How to Find the Best Email Sending TimeIt’s important that you find the best time to send your email newsletters. If you email at the wrong time, at best your emails don’t get the proper attention, at worse they are deleted without being opened by the recipient. This adversely affects your open and click rate.

What time is the best to send an email campaign depends on numerous variables such as email content, business type, target audience, etc.

Though there is no best sending time that would be optimal for all email marketers, we’d like to share with you some thoughts about the best and worst times to send your email newsletters.

How to Identify and What to Do with Inactive Subscribers

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How to Identify and What to Do with Inactive Subscribers
Today when email marketers try to make more sales with less expense the question of what to do with inactive subscribers is as vital as never before. Whatever method of collecting email addresses you use (opt-in form, customer database, affiliate programs, offline way, etc.), your list will contain a portion of recipients that can be classified as inactive – those who did not act upon your messages during a given period of time, for example, during six last months.

Why do subscribers become inactive? For a couple of reasons:

Increase Your Open Rate by Using the Right Snippet Text

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Increase Your Open Rate
With an ever-crowded inbox, email readers are used to make quick decisions on how to deal with email. They have become more sophisticated in the ways they open, read and delete email messages. You know most of your recipients aren’t sitting at their big desktops reading patiently every email message in their never-ending inboxes. Many email readers look through email on mobile devices like cell phones, and other handhelds clearing out anything that doesn’t grab their attention immediately.

How to Send More Targeted Email Campaigns to Your Subscribers

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How to Send Targeted Email Campaigns to Your Subscribers
On my opinion teaching marketers how to create email campaigns in the right way – with a double opt-in subscription method, optimized email newsletter, proper sender authentication records, bounce email management system and reliable unsubscribe procedure – is more important than telling the marketers what not to do. When you clearly understand what and how to do, you can set your goals, define the stages of your marketing campaign and put it into practice. But of course, being aware of common email marketing mistakes is also a must.

Poor Email Newsletter Deliverability? 4 Possible Reasons Inside

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Increase Email Newsletter Deliverability
In addition to some technical problems that may cause your emails being blocked or filtered, there are other issues that can negatively affect your deliverability. The issues we’re going to examine are related your email copy and are under your full control. That makes it more important that you carefully check your email newsletter before sending it to the whole list in order to get a higher delivery rate.

Here is what you need to pay a closer attention to when creating and sending your email newsletter: