How to Send Opt-In Email Newsletters to Your List

To send opt-in email campaigns, you need two things:

  • List of opt-in subscribers, and
  • Bulk email software

Creating Opt-In List

An opt-in list contains people who deliberately subscribed to receive your emails. A double opt-in list is even better. This is when a subscriber receives an email with a link to confirm the subscription. If he clicks on the link and confirms the subscription, he’s added to the list.

The easiest way to collect subscribers is by using a subscription form on your website. You’ll want to ask for the user’s email address at minimum. You can add more fields and ask for more information if you feel this will help you create and send more relevant emails. But don’t ask for too much. Or, at least make extra fields optional.

If your website is a WordPress blog, you can use our free Double Opt-In  Manager plugin to build your opt-in list.

Just download G-Lock Opt-In plugin, install it to your blog and the signup form will be put at the sidebar. People will subscribe to your list using the double opt-in method  that is fully compliant with a CAN-SPAM law. The subscribers will be stored in your WordPress database. At any time you can export them to a file and load into your bulk email software.

put signup form

Using Bulk Email Software

When you got a verified list of opt-in subscribers, you can start emailing to them. You can send opt-in email campaigns directly from your computer using G-Lock EasyMail software without any expensive monthly payment for autoresponder services.

All you need to do is:

1. Download G-Lock EasyMail for free

2. Create an account in G-Lock EasyMail

3. Import opt-in subscribers into a group in G-Lock EasyMail address book. Or, if you collect subscribers to your WordPress database, you can create a link to your WordPress subscrbers directly from G-Lock EasyMail address book.

4. Write your email

5. Click Send.

send opt-in emails

Here you can read G-Lock EasyMail Startup Guide.

There are free, Personal and Business editions of G-Lock EasyMail. Read here about the difference between G-Lock EasyMail editions.

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