version 6.83, April 25, 2012

Fixed: error on some systems when switching between “Preview” and “Source” tab in the Edit Message window.

Fixed: the “Message Sending Settings” option in the menu was not active in the Delivery Monitor if there were more than one message in the Delivery Monitor.

version 6.81, August 2, 2011

Added: the ability to send inline images (images inserted from the local disk) in the message when you use the “Send via Amazon SES” delivery mode.

Fixed: the program hung at the attempt to save a message as a template on the machines with the Internet Explorer 9.

version 6.80

Added: new sending mode “Send via Amazon SES”.

Added: the Bounced Manager module can process bounce and feedback loops emails from Amazon SES.

Added: ability to open the attachment directly from G-Lock EasyMail (double click the mouse on the attached file).Added: 11 new HTML email templates.

version 6.71

Fixed: the Merge option did not recognize the fields containing more than one space in the field name.

version 6.70

Added: compatibility with G-Lock Analytics v4.

version 6.61

Fixed: issue with empty background=”” and img=”” tags in the message source.

Fixed: in some cases the first field did not display in the address book if you used a custom SQL text to connect to the database.

Fixed: the new message did not show in the Delivery Monitor if the Delivery Monitor was sending other messages at that time.

Updated rules in the Bounced Manager module.

version 6.60

Fully compatible with G-Lock Analytics v3.

Simplified the work of G-Lock EasyMail with G-Lock Analytics. You don’t need to add each link to G-Lock Analytics manually. G-Lock EasyMail replaces regular links with tracking links during the sending process automatically.

Added: ability to collect unsubscribers through G-Lock Analytics (free option). You can insert an unsubscribe link generated by G-Lock Analytics into the email and collect unsubscribers in your account. Points are not deducted from your account when the recipients click on the unsubscribe link.

Added: ability to add the recipients who unsubscribed to the exclusion list in the address book or save unsubscribed recipients to a file for further removal from your list.

Added: ability to use a proxy server to connect to your account on G-Lock Analytics from G-Lock EasyMail.

Fixed: filter builder in the Address Book. The filter did not find any records with the blank field value.

version 6.56

Added: “Use smart word wrap” option to the Edit Message screen (Text Part) that allows format the message plain text part to be displayed correctly in MS Outlook 97-2010 and mobile devices.

Added: merge fields trim capability that cuts unnecessary spaces and inserts the field value in the right format. Example: “John      ” will be merged as “John” into the message.

version 6.55

Added: “Add New Account” and “Open Address Book” options to the Edit Message screen.

Changed the “Create New Group” and “Edit Group” screens in the Address Book.

The “Periodically sleep while sending for xx sec. after processing xx messages” option moved from the Delivery Settings to the “Send Message” screen.

version 6.54

Added: new “E-mail Server Accounts” tab to the Bounced Manager.

Added: “Check Selected” and “Uncheck Selected” options to the Bounced Manager that allow select bounced messages for deletion from the server.

Fixed: the program did not allow change the font of the email text.

version 6.53

Fixed: “Create Account” and “Forgot Your Password” links on G-Lock Analytics login form in the Bounced Manager did not work.

Fixed: HTML files with the content in UTF-8 encoding were displayed incorrectly after being loaded into G-Lock EasyMail.

Added new languages to the language pack – Afrikaans, Arabic (Saudi Arabia) and Croatian.

version 6.52

Added: “Copy from All Groups to” and “Copy from Current Group to” options to the Email List menu in the address book.

Updated: spell checker design and the American and British dictionaries.

version 6.51

Added: ability to search contacts in all groups at a time in the address book.

Added: the program remembers most recently used values in the To and Subject fields. To delete the values from the list, use the Ctrl+Del keys.

Improved the Bounced Manager module.

A couple of other fixes and improvements in the program modules suggested by G-Lock EasyMail customers.

version 6.50

Updated rules in the Bounced Manager module.
version 6.15

Added: “Add Links to Campaign” option recognizes the image maps that look like <AREA … href=”….”>.

Added: ability to merge a custom field into the tracking link.

Fixed: if the URL was longer than 255 characters, the tracking tool truncated everything after the 255th character in the URL.

Fixed: the width of the lines in the HTML code editor is increased from 1024 to 4096 characters.

Fixed: the Export Wizard didn’t work if you switched to any language other than English.

Improved: the Bounced Manager recognizes feedback loops from Yahoo and Hotmail. Updated rules for bounced emails.

version 6.12

Added: “Copy Emails to Clipboard” option in the Bounced Manager module.

Updated rules for bounced emails in the Bounced Manager.

Improved and optimized the work of the Delivery Monitor module (emails are sent much faster than before for fast Internet connection users).

Improved and optimized the work with the language files.

Updated language files.

version 6.11

Fixed: when switching to a new workplace, the address book from the new workplace was not recognized. The address book from the default workplace was used.

Fixed: if an email with an empty header was queued in the Delivery Monitor, all other emails were not sent with the errors “Group not found” and “Account not found”.

version 6.10

Added: ability to create and use multiple workplaces (available in G-Lock EasyMail Business edition only).

Fixed: time of sending the emails in the Scheduler does not change anymore if the emails were not sent at the specified date.

Fixed: “Request Read Receipt” option did not work in MS Outlook 2007.

version 6.0

Added: G-Lock EasyMail is integrated with G-Lock Analytics email tracking service. With G-Lock Analytics you can:

  • Track open rate (for HTML emails)
  • Track click through rate (for HTML and text emails)
  • Track click-throughs using your own domain
  • Track unique information: IP address, email address
  • View geographic localization of tracked metrics
  • Get real time reports about your e-mail campaign performance

Added: ability to add an email campaign and tracking links to your G-Lock Analytics account directly from G-Lock EasyMail

Added: ability to send the email only to recipients who didn’t open or click on your last email

Added: ability to attach a tracking link to an image and track clicks on the image. Just insert the image into the message, then select the image, click in Track Link field and select your tracking link. The image will become hyperlinked. When a recipient clicks on it, G-Lock Analytics will count a click.

Added: new delivery modes “IIS SMTP Service Pickup” and “Save email message in RFC822 format to the folder: (email will not be sent)” to the Account settings

Added: “Sign email with DomainKeys Signature” option to the Account settings

Added: “File name to be displayed in email” field to the Personal Attachment section. Using this option you can rename the attached file during the sending process.

Added: “Set as Default Template”/”Reset Default Template” options

Added: “Set Compose Font” option to the Edit Message window

Added: “Short List/Full List” options to the Create New Group window in the Address Book

Added: “Export Exclusion List” option in the Address Book

Added: “Add New” button to the “Add New Contact” form in the Address Book. If you type a contact information and click on Add New button, you can add the next contact immediately. All the contacts will be added to the group after you click OK. This option is very useful if you need to add multiple contacts manually.

Added: ability to add bounced email addresses to the Exclusion List in the address book directly from the Bounced Manager module

Added: ability to export bounced emails from the Bounced Manager module to files of different formats using the Export Wizard

Fixed: “Access violation at address 43E850CD in module ‘mshtml.dll’. Read of address 90910003” error when loading a HTML email

Fixed: “Insert background image” in the Table Properties

Fixed: “Insert background color” in the Table Properties

Fixed: ALT attribute when inserting a picture is handled properly in the HTML email source

Improved the Import Wizard in the Address Book

Improved the Bounced Manager module. Now you can define the rules to classify bounced emails yourself (only for advanced users). The Mail Exclusion List in the Bounced Manager settings supports wildcards.

The Bounced Manager is integrated with G-Lock Analytics. You can report the number of bounced emails to your G-Lock Analytics account.

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