WPNewsman Key Features Review

All essential features are supported by the free version of the plugin – WPNewsman Lite. Some advanced features are available in the WPNewsman Pro version only.

With our newsletter plugin you can:

  • Collect subscribers using the double opt-in method
  • Customize the signup form
  • Use pre-configured templates for action pages and emails used in the double opt-in process
  • Create custom email templates
  • Send emails to 2000 subscribers or less
  • Create multiple subscribers’ lists using different opt-in forms
  • Send emails to an unlimited number of subscribers Pro
  • Get FULL email tracking statistics Pro
  • Use remote tracking such as Google Analytics and Piwik in links Pro
  • Process bounced emails and keep your lists verified and clean Pro
  • Send a welcome email to new subscribers
  • Import subscribers into the WordPress database
  • Export subscribers from WordPress to a file
  • Include the unsubscribe link into the email
  • Use the double opt-out process
  • Send a subscribe/unsubscribe event notification to the blog admin
  • Use default mail settings (sendmail), PHP mail or custom SMTP server to send newsletters
  • Throttle email newsletter sending
  • Schedule email newsletter sending at a later time
  • Embed forms on external sites

Download Free Version

WordPress 3.4+ and PHP 5.3+ required!

Upgrade to WPNewsman Pro ->