Customize Action Pages

WPNewsman adds custom posts to your site that are used to show messages addressed to the user after he takes an action. In our plugin these posts are called action pages. After the user subscribes, they see the “Confirmation Required” action page. After the user confirms the subscription, they see the “Thank you” page.

WPNewsman provides you with seven pre-configured action pages used in the double opt-in subscription process.

  • Please confirm your unsubscribe decision – asks the user to click on the link in the confirmation email to confirm their decision to unsubscribe (if you choose to use the double opt-out procedure in the Settings).
  • Bad email address format – asks the user to enter a valid email address.
  • Confirmation required – asks the user to confirm the subscription.
  • Confirmation successful – thanks the user for confirming his subscription.
  • Subscription not yet confirmed – tells the user that his email address is already subscribed but not confirmed.
  • Successfully unsubscribed – tells the user that he was successfully unsubscribed from the mailing list.
  • Already subscribed and verified – tells the user that the email address is already subscribed and confirmed.

All action pages are stored in your Admin panel and can be customized there.

Click on “Action Pages” under WPNewsman.

Click on “Edit” under the action page name.

Edit Action Page

The page opens in the edit mode. Here you can change the text and HTML style of the page.

To save the changes, click “Update”.

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To remove autor meta, comments, trackbacks, “Posted in”, “Written by” information from the action pages, follow these instructions:

  • Locate your theme’s folder on the blog or local computer.
  • Duplicate the file single.php or page.php.
  • Rename it to single-newsman_ap.php.
  • Modify the code as you wish. For example, find the line for the author and remove it.
  • Upload single-newsman_ap.php to your theme’s folder online using FTP or other method.
  • Go to WPNewsman -> Action Pages and click “View” under the page title to view the page.