Help Me Choose G-Lock EasyMail Edition

G-Lock EasyMail Business edition

Choose our G-Lock EasyMail Business Edition if you have a large contact database and plan to send email messages in big volumes. G-Lock EasyMail Business edition can send emails 10 times faster than the Personal edition using 500 simultaneous SMTP connections and several email accounts at a time. And if your mail server requires a secure connection, in G-Lock EasyMail Business edition you can choose either SSL or STARTTLS security protocol. 

Plus, the Business edition is the ideal choice if you maintain your contact information in a remote database, for example, MS SQL or MySQL database, and you don’t want to export and import the data before each campaign. G-Lock EasyMail Business edition can connect to your database and read an up-to-date contact list automatically.

If you have a need to share the same address book with other G-Lock EasyMail users, or scheduler email campaigns, or process bounce messages, the Busines edition is the right choice. 

G-Lock EasyMail Personal edition

G-Lock EasyMail Personal edition works perfectly for individual email marketers and small businesses who send email newsletters at a regular basis. You can create an unlimited number of groups in G-Lock EasyMail address book and load any number of emails into each group practically from the file of any format (.txt, .csv, .xls, .doc, .mdb etc.). Import from MS Outlook is supported as well.

You can personalize the newsletter for each recipient by merging the recipient’s first name, last name or email address into the message.

If your email service or Internet service provider puts any email sending restrictions and you have to follow them, for example, send only 100 emails per hour, G-Lock EasyMail Personal edition can stop and resume email delivery automatically accordingly to your settings.

G-Lock EasyMail Free edition

G-Lock EasyMail Free Edition is wonderful for everyone who is just starting in email marketing and has a small email list (less than 200 contacts). The Free Edition has all basic features you need to send personalized email messages to a small group:

Free version limitations:
Number of contacts in the group200
Simultaneous SMTP connections3
Import and export of contactsyes
Email personalization using Merge tagsyes
Sending emails using your ISP SMTP settingsyes
Delivery resumingyes
Capability to send emails to external databasesno
Support of Secure SMTP Protocols (SSL/TLS)no
Capability to send emails from multiple accounts at a timeno
Email campaign schedulerno
Saving bounce emails to a fileno
Support of external scripting languagesno