Easy-to-Use HTML Editor

G-Lock EasyMail provides you with a fully featured context-sensitive message editor. In addition to the plain text message format, there is a HTML editor that you can use to give a special emphasis to your message: bold, colors, and embedded pictures.

While you’re composing your HTML email, G-Lock EasyMail automatically creates a plain-text alternative of the message. You can edit a plain-text alternative separately from the HTML part, then tie both alternatives into one email and send it out to your recipients. This is THE WAY to send your email so that EVERYONE can view it. If the recipients can view a HTML message, they will see your message as HTML, if their mail reader does not have HTML enabled or is not capable of viewing HTML the multi-part message will automatically be shown in plain text!

You can design your email message directly in G-Lock EasyMail, or you can use a standalone HTML editor like DreamWeaver, PageMaker, and FrontPage to prepare your message and then load it into G-Lock EasyMail. You can save your message as a draft or template to use it at a later time.

create html email in G-Lock EasyMail

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In addition, G-Lock EasyMail is provided with built-in professionally designed email templates that you can use to compose your email. You can also browse our Premium HTML Email Templates library and choose any collection you like to use for your HTML newsletter.