Saves Your Money!

Stop paying for third party autoresponder list management services [we already know how the monthly fees add up and end up costing you more than you’re generating].

When you thoroughly analyze what’s actually working, you approach the art of email marketing in a whole different way. You don’t see email marketing as an expense with a limited budget anymore. You start seeing email marketing as an investment that brings measurable and provable returns and you start producing more leads at less cost.

Here is a simple example:

If you have a list of 25,000 subscribers, you pay $149 per month using an email service provider. This makes $1788 per year.

With G-Lock EasyMail you invest only once. And you can use software forever with unlimited number of subscribers.

Depending on G-Lock EasyMail edition you choose you pay either $149 for the Personal edition, or $349 for the Business edition.

There is no recurring fee. $349 vs. $1788 – you save $1439!

And for one-time investment of $349, you get a complete package of features to manage your list, create, optimize and send customized email newsletters, process bounced emails and much much more. Just keep reading…