Delivery Reports

Check if your emails are spam free and deliverable

Email marketers need additional insight as to what mailbox providers do after they accept your email. Aside from measuring engagement metrics, marketers need tools to determine how their message is treated by major Internet providers around the world and whether it is delivered to the Inbox, spam folder or blocked before reaching the recipient’s mailbox.

In the past, testing email placement used to take a lot of time and budget. You would need to setup dedicated testing computers in your office and create email accounts with different ISPs, or use a 3rd party email monitoring service that would charge you a fortune.

Now you can test your email placement with popular mailbox providers around the world, check your sender authentication and determine the email spam score with a few mouse clicks.

The Spam Report provides this valuable information so you have confidence that your email is reaching your customer. In Gmail, you will see if your message is delivered to the Primary or Promotions tab.

What Does the Spam Test Report Show?

After sending your email to our seed list, the delivery test report will be generated just within a few minutes. You can view it in the Outbox.

Your delivery report presents:

sender authentication test: DKIM and SPF;

Google spam filter test: spam/not spam, phishy/not phishy;

Corporate Barracuda test: email spam score;

SpamAssassin test: email spam score;

message placement at different providers: Inbox, Spam, Newsletters or x if your email was blocked and did not reach the mailbox. At Gmail the report will show if your email was delivered to the Primary, Social or Promotions tab.

time to Inbox;

full header of the received message.

In addition to the above information about your sending reputation and email placement, in your GlockApps account you can find the content analysis, template editor and suggestions.

Based on the collected information about your email content, HTML code, and email placement, GlockApps provides troubleshooting tips (suggestions) in each report indicating the problems with your email and steps to resolve them.

A regular spam testing allows you to monitor your sender reputation with different email service providers and ensure that your emails are spam free and deliverable.