• How to Get Started with G-Lock EasyMail (Video)
    This guide assumes that you have already installed G-Lock EasyMail onto your computer. To get the program working, double click themouse on G-Lock EasyMail icon on the desktop, or run the program from the Start menu and follow these instructions.
  • How to Save and Use Email Templates and Drafts in G-Lock EasyMail (Video)
    After you load your email message into G-Lock EasyMail, you can save it as a template or draft for further use. Watch this quick video to learn how to create a new email from your template or draft and send it to your subscribers.
  • How to Manage Sent Emails and Re-send Unsent Messages in G-Lock EasyMail (Video)
    The Sent Manager module in G-Lock EasyMail is the place where your sent emails are stored. This video will teach you how to manage your sent messages and re-send unsent emails from the Sent Manager.
  • How to Import Contacts from CSV File into G-Lock EasyMail Address Book (Video)
    If your contacts are stored in a file, you can easily import them into a group in G-Lock EasyMail address book using the Import Wizard. The Import Wizard allows you import the contact information from Paradox, DBase, Text, CSV, HTML, MS Excel, MS Word, Lotus 1-2-3, QuattroPro, XML, MS Access Database, ADO connection, DBISAM table, and Clarion table files.
  • How to Connect to MySQL Database Using G-Lock EasyMail
    If you maintain the email addresses and other contact information in a remote database, you don’t need to spend time anymore to export and import the emails into G-Lock EasyMail address book. With G-Lock EasyMail Business edition you can connect to your remote database, extract the email addresses directly from the database without import-export and send the message to those email addresses. G-Lock EasyMail can work with any ODBC compliant database.
  • How to Connect to MS Access Database on Your Local Computer from G-Lock EasyMail (Video)
    From this tutorial you will learn how you can connect to a MS Access database that resides on your local computer from G-Lock EasyMail address book.
  • How to Connect to Your WordPress Subscribers from G-Lock EasyMail
    If you collected subscribers through a signup form on your blog and they are currently stored in your WordPress database, you can create a direct link from G-Lock EasyMail address book to your WP subscribers database and send an email to those people without the need to export-import the list into G-Lock EasyMail.
  • How to Send Email to a Filtered Group or Database (Video)
    Sometimes you need to send a message to certain recipients in your group or database. This video tutorial will teach you how to set a filter and send an email to a filtered group.
  • How to Resend Confirmation Email to Your WordPress Subscribers
    In this tutorial we'll teach you how you can resend a confirmation email to your WordPress subscribers who did not confirm their subscription.
  • How to Track Your Email Marketing Campaigns (Video)
    Have you ever wondered what happens to your email after it is sent? Is it delivered? Opened? Links clicked? Using email tracking reports you can understand if your subscribers find your email newsletters interesting, and what part of them they like more.
  • How to Send a Sequence of Emails (Follow Ups) to Subscribers
    From this tutorial you will learn how to setup an email training course and send each email from the course to each new subscriber to your list.
  • How to Send a Greeting Card to the Recipients Using Scheduler
    This tutorial will teach you how to setup G-Lock EasyMail to automatically send a greeting card to the recipients on their birthdays.
  • How to Process Bounced Emails with G-Lock EasyMail (Video)
    With the Bounced Manager module in G-Lock EasyMail you can handle bounced emails after your email campaign is complete. The Bounced Manager provides you with the most accurate bounce detection solution. It downloads your bounces, classifies them, and helps you remove bad email addresses from your email lists.
  • Using G-Lock EasyMail Address Book as Powerful Email List Manager
    G-Lock EasyMail Address Book provides a convenient place to store contact information: email addresses, home and work addresses, phone and fax numbers, digital IDs, conferencing information, instant messaging addresses, and personal information such as birthdays or anniversaries.
  • Using External Scripting Languages in G-Lock EasyMail
    G-Lock EasyMail supports very powerful scripting languages: Microsoft Visual Basic, JavaScript, Perl, and PHP, all driven by components within the operating system (for VBasic and Javascript) or in a separate installation (for Perl and PHP). With this capability, you can create a unique message subject for every recipient, insert data for every recipient into the database after/before the message is sent and much more. Essentially, you have all the resources of a powerful programming language all available within G-Lock EasyMail, which can manage the composition and sending of email for you.