Send Greeting Card to the Recipients

If you have the contact’s information including everyone’s date of birth in G-Lock EasyMail address book, wouldn’t it be nice to send a greeting card to them on everyone’s birthday?

You can setup a custom filter that will select the recipients whose birthday date is today and a scheduler that will send a greeting card to the selected recipients.
Just follow these simple steps:

Create your greeting card in G-Lock EasyMail and click Send

Select the sending mode – “Send message using scheduler”

Check “Daily”

Click on the “Set Filter” button

setup scheduler

Click on the “Custom Filter” tab

Check the “Use custom filter” option and paste the code below:

Where (Day(BirthDay) = Day(NOW)) and (Month(BirthDay) = Month(NOW))

The field in your G-Lock EasyMail address book that stores the date of birthday must be called “Birthday” as it’s called in the custom filter text. If this field in your G-Lock EasyMail address book is called differently, replace Birthday in the filter with your field name.

Click OK to save the filter.

custom filter

Then click OK on the Send Message window to send the email.

 send greeting card

The email will be moved to the Scheduler folder. You can find it under Scheduler at the program left pane.

The scheduler will trigger the email every day and if the date of birthday of any recipients is today, the greeting card will be sent to those recipients.

You need to keep the Delivery Monitor module running all the time (you can minimize it to the system tray) in order the emails are sent.